The FinScience’s technology interprets and transforms Alternative Data in a set of information deemed to be material to take investment decisions.


Alternative Data Analysis

Tailor made service which aims at providing specific signals to investors in the medium and long period.


Alternative Data Dashboard

Specific service which analyzes alternative signals belonging to the investor’s FinScience portfolio.


Alternative Data Analytics

Specific software area where investors are able to compare digital (DPV, Volatility DPV) and financial data (stock quotes, volumes and fundamental data).


Alternative Data Provider

FinScience is able to provide data to its own clients via API. Two kinds of data will be provided: smart and evolution.

The Digital Era may lead to uncertainty for some businesses - whereas it may open new opportunity doors to newborn firms, or to companies able to renew themselves by recalling childlike times that challenge their established processes, both internal and external. This applies to financial institutions and listed companies as well.
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