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We enable Asset Management. Financial Advisory, Investor Relations, Family Offices, Marketing & Sales and ESG managers to access Alternative Data in order to innovate investment models and strategies.


The Digital Era may lead to uncertainty for some businesses - whereas it may open new opportunity doors to newborn firms, or to companies able to renew themselves by recalling childlike times that challenge their established processes, both internal and external. This applies to financial institutions and listed companies as well.

FinScience in a nutshell

The availability and the use of information – before it turns into news – is what makes the difference in the world of investments.

FinScience's assets for ESG and Sustainable Finance

The Guide and the Report are drafted and are based on digital and traditional sources to evaluate ESG topics from a different perspective

Tesla's business case: an example of Alternative Data Analysis

How much and what exactly can be extracted from an Alternative Data analysis? Download the report “Tesla: First Deadly Autopilot Crash” to find out.

Get value from the data

The context

With the rise of internet, the very concept of proprietary knowledge has faded rapidly. Thus, the ability to seize weak or emerging signals becomes of extreme importance to sense a share’s performance evolution over the medium to long term; the adroitness to track down those digital and mostly hidden signals is what makes the real difference nowadays.


3rdPLACE is a data-driven tech company founded by former senior managers of Google. Using Artificial Intelligence proprietary technologies, 3rdPLACE supports organizations in converting data about users and customers into business insights to improve decision making, actions and operational results.