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The InvTech Company of Datrix Group

A new approach to Finance, with AI and alterative data

FinScience is the InvTech company of the Datrix Group and deals with improving Asset Management, Wealth Management and ESG Management. Thanks to the application of AI, we collect, interpret and weigh alternative data from the most relevant sources, and combine them with traditional data sets.

Finance and Data Science, together.

FinScience is a data-driven fintech company, founded in 2017 by former Google senior managers and Alternative Data experts, who have combined their digital experience with the financial expertise of the investors who are contributing to its evolution.

From the merger of the world of Finance with that of Data Science, Augmented Analytics solutions are born applied to Investing and ESG Scoring.

We are grounded on Alternative Data

What we do

We apply proprietary AI algorithms to extract financial value from unstructured digital data

We gather digital contents from social and e-commerce platforms, blogs, maps, etc. (in English and in Italian).

We then analyze, filter, interpret and weigh them. We turn them into figures and time series with our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms (e.g. topic modeling, entity recognition, influencer clustering-and-evaluation algorithms).

Hence, the Alternative Data present in our data lake – treated as mentioned above – becomes the raw material for supplying our clients with two types of solutions:

  1. Information solutions, consisting of indexes and monitoring systems, “alternative” signals and scorings which may refer to individual enterprises, top management, products and/or even to specific topics (e.g. Brexit, spread, ESG)
  2. Operational solutions, comprising investment models, strategies and portfolios that result from the Quantamental combination of both Alternative Data and traditional data (e.g. Stock Exchange data, financial reports and quarterly balance sheet, open data).

Our technological infrastructure is thoroughly cloud-based; this makes it all extremely flexible and readily scalable.

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