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FinScience is the lab of Investment Artificial Intelligence

FinScience is a data-driven fintech company founded in 2017 by Google’s former senior managers and Alternative Data experts, who have combined their digital and financial expertise. FinScience, thus, originates from this merger of the world of Finance and the world of Data Science.

FinScience leverages 3rdPlace’s experiences concerning Data Governance, Data Modeling, Data Platforms and Data Monetization solutions. These are further enriched through the tech role in the european consortium SSIX (Horizon 2020 program) focused on the building of a Social Sentiment for financial purposes.

FinScience is the only Italian one selected by siliconrepublic.com among the 25 European deep-tech start-ups to watch in 2019.

FinScience is part of Datrix group.

With us in FinScience there are:
· data scientists
· data analysts
· data designers
· data engineers
· quant analysts
· software developers
· asset specialists
· account managers

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What we do

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we synthesize the molecule of Alternative Data to anticipate investment trends and to enhance Asset Management, Wealth Management, Credit Management, Investor Relations and ESG actions.

We gather digital contents from social and e-commerce platforms, blogs, maps, etc. (in English and in Italian).

We then analyze, filter, interpret and weigh them. We turn them into figures and time series with our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms (e.g. topic modeling, entity recognition, influencer clustering-and-evaluation algorithms).

Hence, the Alternative Data present in our data lake – treated as mentioned above – becomes the raw material for supplying our clients with two types of solutions:

  1. Information solutions, consisting of indexes and monitoring systems, “alternative” signals and scorings which may refer to individual enterprises, top management, products and/or even to specific topics (e.g. Brexit, spread, ESG)
  2. Operational solutions, comprising investment models, strategies and portfolios that result from the Quantamental combination of both Alternative Data and traditional data (e.g. Stock Exchange data, financial reports and quarterly balance sheet, open data).

Our technological infrastructure is thoroughly cloud-based; this makes it all extremely flexible and readily scalable.

Extract strong and weak signals, both regarding companies and specific topics enhancing financial decisions (long term alpha generation).

Build Alternative Investment Indexes from a Smart Beta perspective, redefining traditional taxonomy.

Elaborate Portfolio Management models and Investment Strategies on different financial assets, leveraging both alternative and financial data.


The data-driven finTech company founded by former Top Managers of Google Italy and Alternative Data experts


Fabrizio Milano d'Aragona

Former Top Manager at Google Italy, where he participated in the start-up and success of the Italian office, managing, amongst other things, team enlargement and building trade relations, finally becoming responsible for the Retail, Fashion and Local sectors.

Chief Revenue Officer

Claudio Zamboni

He worked at Google Italy as Head of the Education, Entertainment and Telco sectors, contributing to their vertical growth. He held previous marketing & sales roles (at tim.it and virgilio.it) as well as many collaborations as writer of technology and digital media.

Chief Operating Officer

Mauro Arte

MBA holder at Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome, he worked as a digital consultant at Ernst&Young before becoming a manager at Google where he was responsible for the development of the Media and Entertainment sector, later becoming also Head of YouTube Italia.

Chief Growth Strategy Officer

Ugo Pastori

Managing Partner at Weisstor S.A. and Business Angel for digital Start-ups which operates in different industries such as fintech, cybersecurity and blockchain applications for financial services. Ten years of experience to deal with some Hedge Funds such as Thalìa of which he used to be the CEO.

Chief Marketing Officer

Marco Belmondo

He started his career in Marketing Communication at Saatchi & Saatchi. He served as Head of Communication and Customer Service at TradingLab (UniCredit Group). Then he moved to Retail Banking as Communication and e-Banking Director at UniCredit Banca and as Customer Care Area Director at Banca di Roma (Capitalia Group). In 2006 he reverted to Investment Banking as Marketing Director of Private Investor Products Italy at ABN AMRO and RBS. Then he work as Business Development & Marketing Director at Epic SIM (Private Investment Community).


Angelo Ovidi

Born in 1973 in the Viterbo countryside, he studied Computer Engineering in Pisa and then graduated in Business Management at Colorado Technical University. He was a pioneer of the Italian Web development in the early 1990s and then continued his activity in many European countries and in the USA, covering various complex platform management roles and participating in the discovery and dissemination of hardware and software technologies such as IBM Blade Centers, distributed file systems, open source operating systems, parallel computing and Big Data. It is important to underline his activity in the field of cybersecurity and in particular on threat intelligence systems with AI approach. Such large variety of experiences have provided him with a holistic and transdisciplinary vision of the IT world and has also pushed him to entrepreneurial activity in the field of modular datacenters and nanotechnologies. In his spare time he enjoys spending time as a violin maker, plays the clarinet and practices football and volleyball when possible.

FinScience has aroused the interest of investors with remarkable financial backgrounds and longterm experiences with big data, who are ready to bolster its international growth.

Massimo Prelz Oltramonti

Massimo Prelz Oltramonti

Giuseppe Galimberti

Giuseppe Galimberti

Guido Ferrarini

Guido Ferrarini

Nicola Colla

Nicola Colla

Fabio Nalucci

Fabio Nalucci

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