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ESG Risk Analysis

The market increasingly requires dynamic monitoring of a company’s exposure to ESG issues. Our approach collects information from the news and allows for immediate data on the involvement of companies in disputes related to the world of sustainability.

ESG Risk is a daily assessment of a company’s exposure to ESG risk. It is the result of a methodology developed specifically to aggregate digital Finscience metrics.

The goal of this solution, taking advantage of the new ESG Framework, is to provide simple and immediate information, while maintaining a high standard of quality of the information used through specific data quality checks.

We monitor the most relevant data from news and social media, to intercept ESG risks

FinScience’s ESG Risk Analysis is a valuable tool for investors, to identify companies that systematically adopt greenwashing and social washing, in order to intercept potential risks for their portfolios or investment products.

FinScience provides stakeholder-generated data on the web and combines it with company data, so that you can get a 360° view of your investments, to drive decisions more reactively and be fully ESG compliant.


We monitor companies through a proprietary and reliable ESG framework, to guarantee an effective and granular analysis

The ESG Framework is a set of rules and procedures aimed at guiding the processes of collection, aggregation and representation of all information related to the world of ESG. The subdivision of the classic pillars of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) responds to all the critical areas of sustainability, with the aim of enclosing in one place all the information available and necessary for an ESG analysis, so that it can be complete and easy to understand.


Daily, Unbiased Data on every company to truly drive investors’ decisions

A modular and integrated approach

For investors, ESG risk is extremely relevant information.

Measuring ESG performance exclusively through the company’s self-reported information means you only rely on partial data, where the reporting methods chosen by the company affect the quantity and quality of the information available.

Through sophisticated Artificial Intelligence models, we integrate this information with data generated by the company’s stakeholders.
This allows investors a complete view of the actual ESG impacts in reputational terms, through:

  • Integration of external data to provide a 360° perspective of the ESG profile of the securities covered;
  • Daily alerts of data obtained from social media and news relating to relevant ESG risks or hidden but rapidly growing risks;
  • Granular analysis of ESG reputation in the areas relevant to the securities covered.


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