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FinScience leverages proprietary AI-based technologies to identify and analyse long-term investment trends and select the most interesting stocks. Thy can be included in investment portfolios by institutional investors or in new products by financial institutions.

The main goal of our thematic solution

The objectives of this solution are to identify the most relevant investment themes – based on long-term trends – and to the stocks that are most correlated and/or impacted by the themes.

Through alternative data and a proprietary analysis methodology, FinScience selects both the most value-added themes and the stocks associated with each theme, and every day collects metrics that describe and analyse the connection between the theme and the stocks.

In a world where many investment decisions are made on the basis of past experience or historical data, thematic investing is a forward-looking alternative. It aims to capitalise on future trends by identifying macro themes today with a high probability of flourishing in the coming years and decades. This is also why thematic investing is attracting an increasing interest from investors.

According to Morningstar, the number of funds available to investors has also grown substantially, with 154 thematic funds being launched in 2019 alone, bringing the total number to 923.

Key differentiators of our solution

  1. Data-driven, flexible and granular definition and identification of themes
  2. Monitoring the relationship between companies and topics through alternative daily metrics
  3. Identification and analysis of the relevance of investment themes through alternative proprietary metrics, in particular theme popularity and sentiment
  4. Identification of companies impacted by each issue even if not directly involved and verification of the direction of impact (positive or negative) through sentiment metrics

Alternative Data for investment decisions

The alternative data-driven selection of the most trending themes and theme-related companies makes it possible to generate new investment ideas and measure portfolio exposure to themes.

Thematic application

Portfolio Optimization

Analyzing the current portfolio and seeing how the portfolio is sliced and diced in a thematic way.

Thematic stock picking

Finding all the companies (and the best ones) that are classified as connected to a theme.

Trending themes detection

Using data and AI-based technology to identify macro trends and the stocks exposed to the themes.

For Institutional Investors

Ad hoc projetcs

Thanks to the development of this solution, FinScience has gained considerable expertise and experience in machine learning custome projects for institutional clients in the financial sector. Learn more about our solutions dedicated to institutional investors.

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