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Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms and the massive amount of data collected each day, FinScience has created, monitors and updates a thematic framework.

The framework consists of more than 70 investment themes – such as 5G, Conversational AI, Femtech, etc… – for which connected companies are selected each month using a methodology tested over the years.

In addition to offering an extensive list of themes and their associated companies, FinScience offers a comprehensive suite of metrics and data designed to provide users with valuable insights into the financial landscape.

We are the official thematic data provider for Nasdaq Data Link, one of the most advanced financial data platforms in the world.

We provide our solutions to

  1. Brokerage firms or retail investors platform, that leverage our data to empower their users to make informed decisions or to create their own thematic fund, with a plethora of new investment ideas and comprehensive portfolio or single stocks analytics
  2. Asset managers, that rely on our data to identify high-growth themes and trends and enable them to develop equity investment strategies that capture emerging opportunities
  3. Fund managers and index providers that utilize our data to create innovative financial products and funds that are closely aligned with the evolving needs and interests of modern investors

How it works

Thematic Framework definition
Over the years, FinScience has refined its methodology for the selection and definition of its proprietary thematic framework.
The process involves several key steps, ensuring a comprehensive and robust approach to theme identification and definition.

  • Sub-themes Analysis: Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence techniques, FinScience conducts an in-depth analysis to identify relevant microthemes
  • Theme Definition: Building upon the identified microthemes, FinScience links them together and defines a concise list of themes. 
  • Theme cluster: By examining the relationships and similarities between these themes, FinScience identifies similar themes and clusters them together. 

Themes-companies selection
Every month FinScience utilizes proprietary metrics and entity relationship analysis to define a comprehensive list of securities associated with specific themes. This process involves excluding companies with negative exposure or residual exposure to each theme.

Thematic framework monitoring
By providing proprietary metrics, FinScience empowers investors to make informed decisions regarding thematic investments.
These metrics enable a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics, identifying both short-term momentum and long-term consistency, while also facilitating portfolio diversification through correlation analysis.