Alternative Data Analysis

An in-depth advisory service concerning specific on-demand signals which deserve a more thorough investigation from FinScience’s specialists.


The increasing relevance of ESG criteria within investment strategies is directly related to the interest shown by companies – and especially Institutional investors – towards these topics.

FinScience’s team creates periodic reports which analyze signals pertaining to ESG issues.

Solutions and Services On Demand

The service and the analysis resulting in a written document aim at detecting the so called “strong digital signals” (which are relevant today) and the emerging “weak signals” that are likely to be price sensitive at some point in the future.

On demand solutions and services:

  • Stock Market Indices (eg. Tesla, S&P, etc.)
  • Specific topics/arguments (e.g. ESG)
  • Industries/Markets (e.g. Italian wine, beautycare, etc.)


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Le risorse di FinScience su ESG e finanza sostenibile

Una guida ed un report realizzati con fonti dati digitali non tradizionali, utili per valutare le tematiche ESG da un punto di vista alternativo.

Il caso Tesla: un esempio di Alternative Data Analysis

Quanto e cosa può emergere dall’analisi degli Alternative Data? Scarica il report “Tesla: First Deadly Autopilot Crash” per scoprirlo.