Alternative Data Intelligence

A software monitoring alternative digital signals about stocks, companies and themes, organized in portfolios, and accessible through simplified dashboards displaying digital and financial indicators.

Quick access to alternative digital metric concerning popularity and sentiment analysis

The Digital Popularity Value (DPV) represents a proprietary indicator that measures the diffusion of a digital signal on the web related to specific topics or to physical or legal entities.

The Digital Popularity Value Investor (DPV Investor) is a DPV component calculated considering exclusively digital content related to the financial ecosystem.

DPV Volatility is the amount of DPV change an entity experiences over a given period of time.

Sentiment measuring an entity’s perception within a specific environment (e.g. news, blog-posts, social posts, etc.). It can be positive, negative, or neutral.

Da qui è inoltre possibile arricchire autonomamente il monitoraggio:

Trending Signals

Suggestions of topics and companies which are most related online to the signal.

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Financial Summary

Monitoring of main financial metrics.

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Thematic Portolios

The signals are inserted in thematic portolios which aggregate several non-trafitional signals.

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The added-value of Alternative Data

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