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The use of data and artificial intelligence to identify and analyze market dynamics and the impact on individual companies

Alessio Garzonio

If it is true that the Web has now become a valuable collector of information for understanding the underlying needs and issues of users-and, by extension, society at large-then it is equally true that this data should be leveraged beyond mere statistics, understanding consumption or tracking sentiment about products and services.

FinScience has always focused on gathering a vast amount of data from reliable and diverse sources, including mainstream news sites, industry sites, blogs, and social media. Through our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, we transform this textual information into valuable metrics and insights.

One of the main applications of this data is FinScience Thematic Data.


FinScience Thematic Data: offering answers to crucial questions

Information gathered on the Net, then, if properly analyzed and segmented, can provide a great deal of insight into the most relevant trends in the financial market, the companies that are really investing in them, and how the focus of companies is changing over time-all crucial details in their financial and investment application as well.

But then, if companies are evolving substantially, changing their core business in a short period of time, as well as their perceived external focus, then there are some crucial questions that investors should ask themselves:

  • Which themes are gaining momentum in the market?
  • Which themes have long-term growth potential and which might be subject to a bubble?
  • Which companies are closely aligned with the Generative AI theme?
  • Which companies are most adept at adapting their strategy to take advantage of the current AI trend?

In particular,considering the rapid and dynamic changes in the global economic landscape, is the financial categorization of companies based on the GICS classification still to be considered an effective method?


Apple’s example, from user research to market focus

How has Apple’s focus shifted recently?

There are several substantial changes that have occurred over the past three months for the tech giant: the bar chart below illustrates how Apple’s position has evolved over the past quarter compared to the previous period, based on ten themes to which Apple is most exposed and correlated according to FinScience’s thematic framework.

It is important to note that perceptions of Apple have varied significantly, influenced by factors such as the interest sparked by Artificial Intelligence, the announcement of the Apple Visor, and declining interest in other business areas, such as 5G, payments, and Wearable Technology.