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In these analyses we combine Alternative Data and traditional data.

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You can rely on Alternative Data also for Equity Selection. Leveraging Alternative Data mixed with traditional financial data, you can identify the most relevant companies and stocks in new sectors or rising trends or opportunities and risks related to good or bad news. In the past month at FinScience we produced an equity selection of MedTech, Green New Deal, 5G and Unborn & Undiscovered Unicorns.

We wrote also the document COVID-19 Safe and Exposed Assets Selection and you can have here an extract for free. The goal is to identify, by means of proprietary AI algorithms and our analysts’ attentive evaluation, the industries that are perceived as most impacted in association with the Coronavirus disease, the companies that will face difficulties as a consequence of the diffusion of the Coronavirus threats and also companies that, for the opposite reasons, represent safe assets. Our solution is not static, because you can go on and monitor real time the relevant and new signals on FinScience platform.

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