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We identify and analyze the most relevant data to empower investors

We offer AI-driven solutions to financial institutions and advisors to improve their clients’ investment experience.


A unique methodology to efficiently process huge amounts of data and identify the most significant connections, offering a keen perspective on investment opportunities and market dynamics.

By collecting the most relevant information from diversified online sources – sector and general news, social media, forums and reviews, earning calls – we prepare the data for analysis and enrichment.

By relying on in-house technologies and models – such as the most advanced Natural Language Processing techniques – FinScience is able to activate reliable solutions for Thematic Data, ESG Scoring, as well as Research and AI support projects.


How it works

  1. Everyday FinScience processes about 1.5 million web pages on 35.000 different domains. Data are extracted from different data sources including company websites, online news, blogs, forums, and social media. The content of these pages is extracted, interpreted and analyzed to identify valuable information and sources. The advantage of this approach in web analysis is that it can intercept any kind of topic.
  2. After this first phase of data collection, contents are extracted from web pages and pre-processed: a first level of data cleansing to remove ‘noise’ (non relevant information) through the extraction of the main body and, through the use of blacklists that are constantly kept up-to-date, FinScience removes data sources that are considered spam or unreliable.
  3. At this point, *Natural Language Processing* methods are carried out. Contents collected during the data gathering phase are subjected to an NLP analysis that allows us to identify companies, people, locations, topics disseminated and discussed on the web.

FinScience relies on the *DBPedia ontology*: our Named Entity Recognition (NER) – automatic annotation of entities in a text – is able to associate pieces of text to their members.


Key Advantages


Reliable information about thousand of themes and stocks in a short time, with no need for legions of analysts.

Up-to-date data

Coming from the market real interests gathered everyday, through news and social media monitoring, avoiding outdated standard classification or corporate reports.

Democratic AI

All the information is data-based and ai-driven to truly improve the efficiency and efficacy of your activities.

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