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FinScience’s alternative data platform now also for private investors, traders and advisors

Marco Belmondo

FinScience's alternative data platform now also for private investors, traders and advisors

The Stock Picking Platform based on Artificial Intelligence is available on a 15 days free trial

Alternative Data is data extracted through Artificial Intelligence technologies from non-traditional digital sources, such as social networks, blogs, forums, vertical and news websites, and represents an increasingly precious resource also for directing investments. The amount of data is growing rapidly, just think that 90% of those that can be analyzed worldwide have been produced in the last two years thanks to digital acceleration. All studies agree that alternative data will be of increasing importance in helping predict market trends and risks, especially due to its real-time update feature.

With a plan of financial democratization, FinScience (Datrix Group) is now also enabling private investors and consultants to use alternative data.

Until now, Alternative Data to improve investment decision-making was in fact reserved only for financial institutions: a recent survey by Greenwich Associates, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the World Economic Forum, revealed that 95% of hedge funds and mutual funds used them and almost 30% of quantitative funds attribute at least 20% of the extra performance obtained to the analysis of alternative data. Institutional spending on Alternative Data highlights how alternative data are becoming increasingly strategic to obtain a competitive advantage: according to a report by Grand View Research, the total expenditure could reach 17.4 billion dollars by 2027, with a market growth of 41% CAGR of 1.6 billion Dollars in 2020. A crucial factor for their use is the development of high-performance collection and analysis tools: in fact, only if extracted, cleaned and classified correctly, alternative data can give decision-makers information of great value in real time and support them in forecasting trends or even single events.

FinScience, a fintech company of the Datrix group listed on Euronext Growth Milan, has been applying proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms since 2017 to a huge volume of alternative data collected from the web to interpret them, transform them into synthetic indicators and bring to light investment ideas on individual stocks. FinScience alternative data is also available on the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point platform.

The Stock Picking AI FinScience platform now puts the power of AI applied to Finance in the hands of private investors and traders with a single, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. Thanks to the three sections into which the FinScience platform is divided, it is possible:

  1. To identify the most interesting stocks among those listed on US stock exchanges, based both on FinScience proprietary alternative metrics such as global digital popularity, digital popularity in financial contexts, digital sentiment, and traditional metrics (prices, volumes, market capitalization).
  2. To access lists of securities sorted by investment themes that the augmented analysis of the collected data recognizes as relevant from a financial point of view (5G, Blockchain, Metaverse, Space Economy). Through the data and a proprietary analysis methodology, FinScience selects both the most interesting themes and the hottest titles associated with each individual theme. Themes and associated titles are updated every three months and monthly respectively.
  3. To receive alerts via email and on the platform relating to the securities of interest in the event of anomalous changes in the proprietary FinScience metrics. The reported anomalies may represent, depending on the case, a risk or an investment opportunity.

"Making finance more inclusive and therefore sustainable – underlined Massimo Broggi, Principal of FinScience – we think it should be a goal of FinTech and for us it also means guaranteeing access to data and technologies to the highest possible number of people, reducing those entry barriers that have characterized the world of investments, financing and savings for years ".

Private investors, traders and consultants can request a free 15-day trial of the FinScience platform, and then proceed to subscribe at a monthly cost of 18 Euros.