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FinScience & phaseinvest announce their partnership for managing ESG exposures for equity portfolio

Greta Lomaestro

FinScience is proud to announce its partnership with phaseinvest, a German technology platform that simplifies the management of equity risk factors. With the integration of ESG factor analytics, phaseinvest offers investment managers a comprehensive solution for managing the risks associated with ESG factors in equity portfolios.

The ESG data is based on a rigorous and transparent methodology and is natively integrated into the phaseinvest platform, to provide investment managers with the most dynamic information on ESG risks. With phaseinvest, investment managers can easily quantify the portfolio’s ESG exposures and the potential ESG impact of individual securities be it individual stocks or ETFs. This allows investment managers to make objective strategic investment decisions according to these exposures.

We are thrilled to offer our clients the ability to manage ESG risks in their equity portfolios of stocks and/or ETFs,” said Arun Soni, CEO of phaseinvest. “We unburden our clients from the time & effort associated with data processing and free up an extra day per week so that they can focus on higher value tasks. Our clients simply upload their portfolios into the platform and obtain 360˚ insight into the risk exposures of their equity portfolios. With the Finscience partnership, we bring high quality, easily accessible ESG analytics to investment managers at an affordable price.”

ESG risks are becoming increasingly important in today’s investment landscape,” said Claudio Zamboni, Chief Revenue Officer of Datrix. Our partnership with phaseinvest will allow investment managers to integrate ESG data into their portfolio management process, helping them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed investment decisions. By partnering with phaseinvest, we are able to enhance equity portfolio management with high-quality, dynamic and AI powered ESG data.