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FinScience (Datrix Group) AI-empowered thematic data, becomes available on Nasdaq Data Link

Greta Lomaestro

FinScience, the fintech company of the Datrix Group, today announces FinScience’s thematic data is now officially available in the Nasdaq Data Link platform, at this link

Nasdaq Data Link is a powerful, centralized, cloud-based technology platform providing access to more than 250 trusted data sets, available via API.

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, every quarter the FinScience team defines the thematic framework based on a data driven methodology,  collecting a large amount of data each day from different public and reliable sources of information (mainstream news sites, vertical news sites, blogs, social media, and more) and starting from more than 1,000 micro-themes selected by proprietary metrics that are then aggregated in the final list of more than 70 themes. Those themes are the core of the FinScience framework and for each theme connected companies are selected each month using a methodology tested over the last 4 years. The added value of the methodology in the selection of companies and themes is in the use of vast amounts of textual data, collected every day, that helps in defining a dynamic picture of the market landscape. 

The inclusion of our data on this platform is a significant milestone for FinScience and for the global expansion efforts of Datrix Group,” stated Alessio Garzonio, Principal of Finscience. “Our collaboration propels us towards a new phase of growth, empowering us to expedite our expansion within the highly developed U.S. market, where FinScience’s AI-driven solutions are poised to make a substantial impact in helping investors in making better informed decisions.”

FinScience Thematic Data allows a deeper understanding of market dynamics and trends by providing daily metrics that highlight the relevance of the 70+ themes, selected by FinScience, over the last year. Themes based on a proprietary algorithm shows the strength of relationships between themes and companies defined by our proprietary metric called the “exposure rate” that highlights the relevance of the company for the related theme.

The goal of FinScience AI driven thematic data is to make the investment experience more sophisticated, personalized and aligned with market participants’ needs.

The ability to intercept relevant new information to transform highly challenging business models is one of the most disruptive features of AI applied, for example, to alternative and non-standard data assets. Datrix has always been committed to this challenge and this collaboration is a testament to our ability to contribute to technological progress in a global context,” commented Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, CEO of Datrix.