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Guide and Reports implemented with non-traditional digital data sources, useful for the ESG evaluation from an alternative perspective.

The Guide to Alternative Data for Sustainable Finance

Existing studies show the evidence of higher and less risky returns for those who invest in ESG-attentive entities(1). This is one of the reasons why companies, institutional investors and funds are increasingly aiming for the acquisition of structured, comparable, and complete ESG information, also through the use of Alternative Data.

Download “The Guide to Alternative Data for Sustainable Finance” and find out more about:

  • the indexes and rating systems for the evaluation of ESG risks

  • the digital trends concerning ESG in 2017

  • all most-plausible scenarios that may occur throughout the management of Sustainable Finance projects

ESG Report 2018 from Alternative Data

Report Q3

Report Q2

ESG Report Q1 2018 from Alternative Data

Report Q1

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