FinScience’s technology interprets and transforms Alternative Data into sets of information pivotal for investment decisions.

Our software solutions and services

Alternative Data Intelligence

A software monitoring alternative digital signals about stocks, companies, themes, organized in portfolios, and accessible through simplified dashboards displaying digital and financial indicators.

Alternative Market Insight

A value-added software solution regarding companies’ market insights, based upon a proprietary scoring system entailing the use of alternative and financial data.

Alternative Financial Insight

Software solution for opportunities assessment through a “Hot & Cold” outlook provided by a proprietary AI.

Alternative Data Analytics

An environment in which the appraisal of digital and financial signals makes it feasible to derive proper alphas, and to identify any weak yet relevant signals.

Models, Outlooks and Portfolios

Quantamental advisory services based on Artificial Intelligence, concerning risk management, predictive models and portfolio strategies.

Alternative Data Analysis

An in-depth advisory service concerning specific on-demand signals which deserve a more thorough investigation from our specialists.

Alternative Data Provider

A service for the provision of Alternative Data through APIs, intended to be integrated within third-party platforms.

Alternative Data Training

A training course, available also remotely, with practical excercises on the technologies and utilization of Alternative Data, designed to sharpen specific skills and obtain a solid business value.

FinScience's main indicators

The Digital Popularity Value (DPV) represents a proprietary indicator that measures the diffusion of a digital signal on the web related to specific topics or to physical or legal entities.

The Market Potential Index (MPI) is a proprietary dynamic scoring system that assesses companies’ readiness to invest, by mixing digital and financial indicators.

The Digital Popularity Value Investor (DPV Investor) is a DPV component calculated considering exclusively digital content related to the financial ecosystem.

Sentiment measuring an entity’s perception within a specific environment (e.g. news, blog-posts, social posts, etc.). It can be positive, negative, or neutral.

DPV Volatility is the amount of DPV change an entity experiences over a given period of time.

We do not

Interpret social posts (e.g. tweets) because experience has taught that the value of the information obtained might never be as high as the use of computational resources needed to extract it.

Acquire private content, nor do we process any sensitive data not complying with GDPR.

Analyze data for “intraday” use, in order to avoid short-term misrepresentations on the markets.

The added-value of Alternative Data

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