FinScience for

Credit Management

What needs we address

Improve the accuracy of companies’ risk scoring models.

Monitor the risks and the performance of assets such as buildings and capital goods being subject to financing, thereby improving their control over time.

What we offer

Alternative Credit Scoring

Application of machine learning algorithms to the analysis of financial data coming from traditional sources. Development of a digital identity card for each individual company using Alternative Data (e.g. presence, activity and digital reputation).
Integration of financial indicators with digital information to refine the prediction of risk compared to traditional scoring methods.

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Digital Asset Servitization

A service platform, developed alongside qualified partners, which allows to manage the life cycle of real estate or instrumental asset (see IFRS 16 for leasing). A transition methodology that allows to establish a gradual and balanced path of adoption of the Digital Asset Servitization model, which takes into account the impacts on processes, people and systems.
A system to control and monitor risks and performance of the assets part of the Digital Servitization process, i.e. a system which becomes the key to manage such transition and oversee the entire life cycle of the asset.