FinScience for

Wealth Management

With FinScience we expand the information sets available to central advisory teams, private bankers, financial advisors also independent, and family offices in order to supply them with value added insights they might deliver to clients, helping them to stand out from the crowd.


Obtaining new investments ideas to offer to clients, regarding both individual securities and thematic portfolios (e.g. Blockchain, Industry 4.0).

Sharing new contents and topics scraped from the Net with an high financial value.

Being cost-and-service-effective, and customized in line with MiFID II directive.

What we offer

Alternative Data Intelligence

An Alternative Data Intelligence dashboard set on a portfolio of pre-defined securities with detailed dashboards displaying related signals.

Additional on demand options

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Customer Intelligence

To learn more about existing customer and their current and latent needs. To identify segments or specific value clusters. To gain business insights useful for the overall improvement of decisions, actions, and operating results.

Technology supports human intelligence, it does not replace it.


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