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Stock Picking AI

FinScience applies proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to huge volumes of alternative digital data to interpret and transform them into investment ideas on single stocks.

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Dedicated to Private Investors and Financial Advisors

New investment ideas from Alternative Data.

Alternative data from different digital sources allow investors to expand their information base, to gain a competitive advantage and improve investment performance.

The greatest opportunity comes from the signals hidden in the information present in the digital ecosystem: social networks, blogs, forums, vertical and news websites, etc.

The goal is to uncover unique investment opportunities:

from massive volume of Alternative Data

through proprietary AI algorithms and indicators

by human expertise & methodology

FinScience key advantages.

Providing set of additional and hard-to-get information that others don’t have

Enhancing the opportunities to generate new investment ideas or to uncover new alpha

Try for 15 days the Stock Picking AI Platform dedicated to private investors and financial advisors.

The FinScience Stock Picking AI platform

Leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, FinScience identifies investment ideas on US-listed stocks. In an increasingly widespread process of financial democratisation, FinScience enables private investors and financial advisors to access alternative data up to now used just by hedge funds and large financial institutions.

The platform facilitates financial decisions on single stocks and continuous monitoring. FinScience puts the power of AI applied to finance in your hands with a unique, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

The distinctive elements of our solution

Alternative metrics

Identifies the most interesting stocks among those listed on US Stock Exchanges, based on alternative digital metrics (global popularity, investor popularity, sentiment, etc.) and traditional data.

Thematic stock picking

Access to lists of stocks organised oaround investment themes that FinScience data recognises as financially relevant (Vaccines, Hydrogen, Blockchain, Metaverse, Telemedicine, etc.).

Anomaly detection

Receive alerts about stocks that interest you when there are anomalous changes in their metrics. The anomalies reported may represent, case by case, a risk or an investment opportunity.

Main indicators

Global digital popularity (DPV)

Measures the total popularity on the web, including the consumers, of a listed company

Investor digital popularity

Measures digital popularity exclusively in financial contexts


Measures how the company is perceived. It can be positive, negative or neutral

Alternative data for investment decisions

Try for 15 days the Stock Picking AI Platform dedicated to private investors and financial advisors.

Thematic lists

Discover the stocks associated with each trend

Investing in hydrogen, fintech or blockchain is now easier thanks to FinScience’s AI-based technology that identifies the best-in-class stocks for each theme. Through alternative data and a proprietary analysis methodology, FinScience selects both the most interesting themes and the stocks associated with each theme. Themes and correlated stocks are updated every three months and monthly respectively.

Signals Screener

Select stocks through alternative and traditional metrics.

Which stocks have grown the most in popularity in digital financial environments? Which stocks have the best digital sentiment performance? Which companies are experiencing price drop but rising sentiment? With the Signals Screener feature, you can identify the most interesting companies by combining performance filters from both alternative FinScience metrics and traditional financial information.


Alerts enhance your operations

Stay up-to-date on the main changes in the digital metrics of the companies on the platform and those of interest to you (watchlist). Our alert system based on artificial intelligence allows the user to be ready to detect/respond to opportunities/risks on stocks.

Try for 15 days the Stock Picking AI Platform dedicated to private investors.