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Stock Picking

FinScience applies proprietary AI algorithms to interpret and turn massive volume of digital Alternative Data into investment ideas on individual stocks.
FinScience extracts information from Alternative Data (before it turns mainstream) and you can get them through:

Dedicated to Institutional Investors and Private Investors

Alternative Data is key to achieving new investment ideas.

Professional Investors are accelerating the use of “Alternative Data” sources with the aim of staying ahead of the competition, expanding their informational base and boosting investment performance.

The biggest opportunity comes from the signals hidden in the massive data generated by the digital ecosystem (web searches, users sentiment, expert communities, vertical news/blogs, reviews, etc.)

FinScience for better-informed investment decisions.

The goal is to uncover unique investment opportunities:

  • from massive volume of Alternative Data
  • through proprietary AI algorithms and indicators
  • by human expertise & methodology

FinScience key advantages.

  • Providing set of additional and hard-to-get information that others don’t have.
  • Enhancing the opportunities to generate new investment ideas or to uncover new alpha.


Everyday we process more than 1 terabyte of digital Alternative Data.

In the data collection process, social media act as a proxy to other digital assets (eg. news, forums, blogs, reviews, etc.), creating a dynamic “information graph” that expands itself everyday.

FinScience platform augments your decision making and ongoing control.

FinScience Platform puts the power of AI in your hands with a unique, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

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FinScience Platform picks up weak signals.

You get immediate access to future–oriented weak signals* and see unique opportunities that others can’t.

Weak signal is “a seemingly random or disconnected piece of information that at first appears to be background noise but can be recognized as part of a significant pattern by viewing it through a different frame or connecting it with other pieces of information.
(source: MIT Sloan Review).

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Never miss a thing with real-time alert.

Our AI-based alerting system empowers your readiness in detecting/responding to positive or negative anomalies, wherever you are.

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FinScience Platform discovers, measures, monitors.

FinScience Platform leverages the power of machine learning and our skilled analysts to:
– monitor specific companies
– give access to an high added-value selection of companies
– analyze in depth specific topics or phenomena (Knowledge Graph)

Success Cases

FinScience's main indicators

The Digital Popularity Value (DPV) represents a proprietary indicator that measures the popularity of a digital signal on the web related to specific companies or topics.

Sentiment measuring an entity’s perception within a specific environment (e.g. news, blog-posts, social posts, etc.). It can be positive, negative, or neutral.

The Investors DPV is a DPV component calculated considering exclusively digital content related to the financial ecosystem.

DPV Volatility is the amount of DPV change an entity experiences over a given period of time.


Data transfer API service of:

  • Metrics (es. historical data related to our proprietary indicators)
  • News
  • Weak Signals

We do not

Interpret social posts (e.g. tweets) because experience has taught that the value of the information obtained might never be as high as the use of computational resources needed to extract it.

Acquire private content, nor do we process any sensitive data not complying with GDPR.

Analyze data for “intraday” use, in order to avoid short-term misrepresentations on the markets.

We also have the solution for Thematic Investing

Our solution is not static, because you can monitor real time the relevant signals on the FinScience platform.

For example we selected equities of MedTech, Green New Deal, 5G and Unborn & Undiscovered Unicorns, we drawn the document COVID-19 Safe and Exposed Assets Selection to identify industries that are perceived as most impacted in association with the Coronavirus disease, companies that will face difficulties as a consequence of the diffusion of the Coronavirus threats, companies that, for the opposite reasons, represent safe assets. Our solution is not static, because you can monitor real time the relevant signals on the FinScience platform.

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The added-value of Alternative Data for stock picking

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